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Want to Maintain a Routine? Here’s How to Get a Grip

by | Nov 10, 2021 | lifestyle, Productivity

The first thing a routine reminds you is of the good old childhood days. 

There was a schedule for your lessons, school, sleep, hobbies, playtime, and so on. Unfortunately, as we grow up, the practice of maintaining daily routines often goes for a toss. And the reasons are plenty.  

Your work may take a toll on your personal life. Or you end up being wired to doing certain activities randomly rather than sticking to a fixed schedule. 

This lack of routine, in the long run, can lead to immense mental stress and anxiety. 

Don’t want this situation to deteriorate your mental health and well-being? Here’s our take on how to get a grip and build a routine from the ground up.

  1. Maintain a steady sleep schedule – Do you hit the sack at the same time every night? What time do you wake up? Maintaining a regular sleep schedule is indispensable for regulating your body’s internal clock and improving your health and well-being. 
  2. Plan in advance – Always make it a point to plan your next week or at least a day in advance. Before this, think of what your priority is. For instance, you may want to get more paperwork done or need to focus on your physical health. Prioritizing your tasks before you get started is the mantra to be successful in maintaining a schedule. Based on the same, create a plan and tick the tasks off your list one after the other. 

For instance, you have decided to go for meal preps. Did you check the pantry for the necessary ingredients? Similarly, if you are planning to deep clean the house, make sure that your vacuum cleaner is working, and the cleaning supplies are ready. 

Being well-prepared not only saves you time, but also helps you avoid excessive stress. 

  1. Breakdown goals into smaller chunks – Often, a bigger task or goal may seem exciting to tackle. However, starting them without knowing where to go may lead your plans to backfire. Break each of your large goals or to-dos into smaller, doable chunks. It will be easier to complete the tasks quickly and feel a sense of accomplishment. 
  1. Be consistent – Attempt doing all your tasks at the same time, every day. For instance, if you want to log in to work, ensure that you are doing so simultaneously and not at different hours. If you are learning meditation, make it a point to practice it at the same time each day, preferably after you wake up or before bedtime. Similarly, fix your lunch, snacks, and dinner timings. With a consistent schedule, you will be able to see a drastic difference in your mental well-being. 
  1. Start early – Ok, we understand that some of you may be early birds and some of you function as night owls. However, starting your day early gives you a head start. You can complete all your tasks quickly with a fresh mind. This will help you wrap the day earlier, helping you find more time for hobbies and spending time with loved ones.  
  1. Get in the fun mode – We understand that getting into a routine is not going to be easy. It does take quite a few attempts till you settle into it. However, there are ways you can derive fun even while sticking to a fixed schedule.

When you go about doing your chores, you can put on your favorite playlist and get the work done. If you are working from home, deck up your workspace with some greenery, and new décor to feel delightful. Sometimes, even investing in a good planner can do the trick. 

Similarly, you can also rope in your family or friends to join in your endeavor to make routines fun. For instance, you can practice the same online meditation together. Or bond over books, movies or food during the weekend and share a laugh or two. 

  1. Check your progress – It is easy to lose focus if you don’t constantly check your progress or milestones. Take the instance of the Heartfulness App free meditation app. It contains a feature wherein you can track your progress on the go. Keeping a check like this helps you maintain the streak. 
  1. Don’t forget to reward yourself –  Once you are settled in the routine, make sure you reward yourself. Go on a quick drive, bake yourself a treat, or simply buy some flowers to celebrate the small, but significant joy. 


Be flexible – Sometimes, things may not go as per our plans. This is where you need to work around various routines and find the perfect fit. It will take you a while to set into a new routine. So, for the first few months, stay flexible and be kind to yourself.  

We hope that these points stay with you and help you strike the perfect balance between work, life, and your other pursuits. Need more advice on lifestyle and well-being? Keep a tab on our posts.

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