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App Features

Experience Love, Peace, and Calm

Achieve Goals

Set Goals and Achieve Them

Take small steps towards your inner journey by setting meditation goals. Explore the science of transformation with a daily dose of live guided awakening sessions.

Build the Habit

Set a time for practice

Daily guided practices to develop the habit of meditation.

Get Rewarded

Earn badges

Stay motivated by signing up for goals, monitoring your progress, and earning milestone badges.

Experience Heartfulness

Self-paced and Simple Meditation

Evidence-based meditative practices for emotional well-being and mental fitness.


Daily Journal

Record and organize your thoughts on the go to relieve stress and anxiety, increase focus, sleep well, and feel calm.

Experience the app for FREE

Master the habit of meditation by spending just 15 mins every day.

Transform your life one day at a time with the Heartfulness App meditation app!