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Six Most Loved Meditation Apps to look forward to in 2023

by | Nov 26, 2022 | Wellness

Six Most Loved Meditation Apps to look forward to in 2023

All types of meditation, when regularly and intently practiced, help your body and mind. However, if you are new to meditation and don’t know where to begin, meditation apps are a great way to start meditation.

Firstly, all the modules available in the meditation apps to be discussed below follow the time-tested wisdom since the Vedic age:

  • Learning to focus inward
  • Detaching from emotions and thoughts
  • Living a daily life of calm, cheer, and confidence

Therefore, you may choose the meditation app that suits you most.

How to choose a meditation app?

Before you subscribe to an app, be clear about what you want from meditation and the meditation app.

What do you want from meditation?

  • Do you want to manage your emotions, like anger or anxiety?
  • Do you want to gain clarity of thought and sharp focus?
  • Do you want a cure for say, high blood pressure or insomnia?
  • Do you want to meditate for a relaxed state of mind?

This is only an indicative list of what you may be grappling with or desiring. Well, now you may ask, isn’t meditation meant to be holistic? Yes, it indeed is. But the fast-paced times you are in require us to “customize” meditation for the benefit of people new to it.

What should you look for in meditation apps?

When you are new to meditation, and you also wish to meditate by yourself, you need an app that would be like a “virtual” guru for you.

As would a guru or a teacher, the meditation app should do the following to help you benefit fully from the meditation practice:

  • Probe to find out the real purpose of your meditation
  • Guide you to the most suitable meditation that will ease you from suffering or fulfill your spiritual goal
  • Motivate you to follow through with the practices
  • Track your progress
  • Spotlight the power of higher and deeper forms of meditation for your overall well-being

Now, let us look at some of the popular meditation apps.


The Headspace meditation app has a big catalog of guided meditations for different moods and goals. The app is designed to appeal to beginners with attractive animations. The app can be used for free but you can access only minimal content. To unlock its vast library, you should subscribe to it for a fee.

Heartfulness App

This meditation app stands out on several counts. The most significant of which is
its parentage. Heartfulness app comes from an organization steeped in the practice of meditation for over a hundred years and teaching its profundity and timeless value to millions of people around the world.

The mind, which all of us try to control with varying degrees of strength, is but only a tool. How we have allowed it to become our master and define our day, and so our life!

The core philosophy of Heartfulness meditation practice lies in recognizing the power of the tender heart over the wayward mind. Through simple, easy-to-practice meditation, Heartfulness teaches this eternal truth – If we keep the heart in the right place, our mind will automatically follow us there.

Heartfulness believes that meditation, an ancient yet timeless skill, should be shared for free. Everything in the app is free. Be it to practice meditation, attend master classes or take the help of a personal trainer. What you will spend is only your time.


The Calm app is essentially an app for sleep. Its unique design comes with sounds of nature and pleasant music. The app has an interesting feature of bedtime stories to induce sleep. You can listen to them read out by famous actors. You should subscribe to use this meditation app after the 7-day free trial.

Insight Timer

The Insight Timer app has a free-cum-subscription model. This meditation app has a good library of free guided meditation sessions for practice. The app has a 7-day learner’s course after which you should subscribe to unlock its premium features.

Meditation with Petit BamBou

The app has a variety of courses of various durations in multiple languages. Though it has a free model, this meditation app requires you to subscribe to access its bank of meditation sessions.


You can choose the meditation sessions from the meditation app’s daily prompts. The app prompts about your present mood and suggests a meditation option based on that. It offers a free trial for 7 days. After that, you should subscribe to access the sessions and courses.

Now that we have learnt about the best meditation apps to look forward to in 2023, here is more information about why Heartfulness App is one of the top contenders

What can you do with the Heartfulness app?

Everything you need for successful meditation practice can be found in this meditation app. You can:

  • Learn
  • Daily meditation
  • Manage moods
  • Set Goals
  • Record your experiences & thoughts
  • Track progress
  • Practice with a trainer
  • Progress to a higher level with advanced master classes

Let us see each of these in some detail.

Learn from senior meditators

All types of meditation help. Be it practicing with an app or from a meditation school. However, it is helpful for a beginner to formally learn the process so it would be comfortable to practice by oneself later.

You learn through one session a day for three consecutive days. This will be a guided class conducted online.

Daily Meditation

This covers four core practices essential for successful meditation – Relaxation, Meditation, Cleaning & Inner connection. These are guided meditations aimed at helping you be calm, relaxed, and free from worrisome thoughts. Inner connect meditation is meant to connect you with the inner self that you have paid little attention to.

Besides these four core practices, there are also many other specific guided meditations for specific needs, like developing focus and feeling rejuvenated.

Manage moods

Wouldn’t all of us be happy with a pat on the back for a job well done? Or a comforting touch when we are low? The Heartfulness Meditation app comes with guided meditations designed for different moods. For instance, feeling energetic? You have a meditation that will channel your energy properly. Troubled about something? Heartfulness app has a meditation to relieve you from that suffering.

Set Goals

It is good to set a goal in anything we do. But the key to achieving it is commitment. You can set your daily goals in terms of duration, frequency of practice, etc. with this meditation app.

Record your experiences

The app has a Journal – if you wish, call it your private diary or a blog. Note down your experiences, thoughts, doubts, and ideas in your meditation journey. After walking many miles in this journey, when you pick up that journal, you will be happy for the many inner battles you won and gained that inner calm through Heartfulness meditation.

Track your progress

We have designed the meditation app like a smartwatch. Don’t all of us want to track how we are doing? Download the app & explore it for yourself.

Practice with Trainer

There are times when some push would be welcome. Or when you might simply want a joint practice. Schedule a session with a trainer directly from the app.

Next level with Master Class

The advantage of practising meditation with an organization like Heartfulness Institute is the constant learning and development initiatives. After you have gained sufficient meditation practice, you should aspire to learn deeper nuances of this ancient life technique. You can find updates on the masterclass in the app itself.

Will I see the change I want in me?

YES. You will experience calm and clarity during and soon after Heartfulness meditation. Many scientific studies have also testified to the efficacy of Heartfulness meditation in reducing stress, enhancing focus, and many more.

Much like how you care for your body with a master check-up, diet and marathon, invest in your mental health too with Heartfulness meditation.

Download the Heartfulness app. Begin your meditation. Feel the change.

Sathish Rajamani

Sathish Rajamani

Sathish Rajamani is an advertising professional, writer and literary translator. He has written many advertising campaigns, blog content and business features. His interests are learning Carnatic music, visiting ancient temples and practising meditation.

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