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Why should you try music meditation

by | Dec 19, 2022 | Uncategorized, Wellness

Why should you try music meditation?

What is music meditation?

“Music is the mediator between the life of the senses and the life of the spirit” – Beethoven

Music has an innate ability to trigger emotions, the most significant one being to calm the mind without us having to make any conscious effort. Combining music with meditation allows you to experience a wholly immersive session minus the mental chatter. Music meditation is particularly helpful for beginners to ease into the session smoothly.

How does Meditation Music work

You must have heard about how we should live in the present. Not ruminate about the past which we cannot change; nor the future over which we have no control. With meditation music, you can sample, if only for a brief time, what it is to live in the Present. However, with daily, disciplined meditation, you gain the ability to live in the moment well past your meditation hour.

Meditation aims to regulate the default mode network (DMN), the region responsible for rumination and anxiety. With music meditation, the whole process becomes faster and easier. DMN engages with the music and allows our mind to soak into the relaxing music, temporarily distancing us from worrisome thoughts. Suffice it to say that this allows us to just be us.

Which meditation music is good

To meditate is to relax. Any form of music that helps you with this is fine. Some like the sounds of nature like the gurgle of a stream or chirping of the birds; if musically inclined, it could be music from a flute or santoor for some others. Any music that can stop our
mind from wandering is good music for meditation.

Where to start

Loads of relaxing music are available online if that is what you want. But for meditation music, you should use a guided meditation app. Guided meditation apps like Headspace, Heartfulness, and Calm have a large library of meditation music that enables deep meditation with moving music.

Heartfulness Guided Meditation App

Everything you need to practice meditation with music can be found in the Heartfulness app. From its vast music library, you can choose one depending on your meditation needs, mood, music choice, and time limit.

Further, the guided app will also help you:

  • learn to meditate
  • manage moods
  • capture your experiences & thoughts
  • track progress
  • practice with a trainer. If you don’t wish to meditate alone, you can take the help of a trainer with hundreds of hours of meditation. The trainer will personally handhold you in your journey for relief from binge eating.

Heartfulness Meditation

Heartfulness-guided meditation has been developed by a spiritual institution steeped in the practice of meditation for over a hundred years. It has taught the profundity and timeless value of heartfulness meditation to millions of people around the world.  Heartfulness meditation is designed to help you think better and live better.

The core philosophy of Heartfulness guided meditation practice lies in recognizing the power of the tender heart over the wayward mind. Through simple, easy-to-practice meditation, Heartfulness teaches this eternal truth. If we keep the heart in the right place, our mind will automatically follow us there. With a willing mind, you would be able to manage many situations confidently and accept any outcomes positively. You will learn to focus on the issue at hand instead of succumbing to negative emotions.

Heartfulness believes that meditation, an ancient yet timeless skill, should be shared freely. Everything in the app is free. Be it to practice meditation, attend master classes or seek the help of a personal trainer. What you will spend is only your time.

By practicing Heartfulness meditation music, give yourself the gift of calm, poise, and self-control.

Download Heartfulness App. Begin your meditation music. Feel the change.

Sathish Rajamani

Sathish Rajamani

Sathish Rajamani is an advertising professional, writer and literary translator. He has written many advertising campaigns, blog content and business features. His interests are learning Carnatic music, visiting ancient temples and practising meditation.

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