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Why Do You Need Meditation For Anxiety?

by | Oct 16, 2022 | Wellness

Meditation for Anxiety: Taming of the Mind

Anxiety is our body’s way of telling us that it is struggling from stress. All of us experience this at some point. However, when that “alarm” becomes a constant background noise, it is time to take help without delay.

Dealing with anxiety

Different people deal with anxiety differently, but with varying degrees of results. Some of these include:

  • Laughing regularly
  • Talking to friends, family
  • Help from a therapist
  • Exercising regularly
  • Counting to 10
  • Deep breathing
  • Fighting perfectionism
  • Volunteering in social work

Though all the above methods are helpful, it is not easy for a person in distress to jump right into doing these.
It could be because of cost, time or even plain shyness to talk about it. Meditation is a time-tested method to manage anxiety without the side effects of medication. It is easy to practice. It can be done in total privacy. All by yourself. And costs zilch.

How can meditation for anxiety help?

In meditation, you learn to sit with unpleasant emotions without trying to find the cause or the solution. You observe and accept your anxieties and unpleasant memories. By meditating regularly, you learn to identify the buttons that trigger stress and anxiety. You are already on the path to recovery with this.

How does daily Heartfulness Meditation help overcome anxiety?

Heartfulness Meditation prepares you to face any situation confidently, and not be cowered by them. You become dispassionate about situations and people that once caused anxiety. And turn more compassionate towards yourself and others. You can handle your emotions with ease; not resist or suppress them.

How to practice Heartfulness Meditation for anxiety?

When you begin meditating for the first time, sitting in silence even for a short period of time could be daunting. But you would soon discover how just sitting motionless has brought a certain calmness to your mind. By practising daily, you will see your transformation into a person of poise and confidence.

Heartfulness meditation requires three must-dos:

1). Practise daily. Start with shorter sessions, and increase the duration gradually.
2). Just watch your thoughts. Don’t judge or analyze.
3). Seat yourself comfortably in a quiet place. Anything or anyone that distracts should be away.

It is advisable to remove your shoes, jewelry or any apparel that restricts movement. After choosing a time and place for your daily Heartfulness meditation, follow these four things.

Choose a comfortable position

Some people sit cross-legged with back straight on the floor. You can, however, choose your own comfortable posture. Floor, sofa or armchair – anything is fine. Sit with your legs extended out, and your back erect.
Don’t be too comfortable, or else you risk falling asleep. You may change your position at any time if you feel any discomfort.

Bring your attention to here and now

Sit comfortably and quietly. Direct your attention inwards. Close your eyes and concentrate on the divine light within. If you find your mind straying, bring back your focus inward. Once you’re aware of the divine light and the pull it has on you, relax by allowing it to go deeper.

Recognize your thoughts

In the initial days, you may feel a surge of emotions like worry and self-judgment. Am I doing it right? What am I supposed to do? Recognize this inner conflict. Don’t suppress or answer it. It will disappear on its own. By doing so, you will learn to handle difficult people and situations without reacting. Soon, you will feel calmer and less anxious.

Complete your Heartfulness Meditation

Open your eyes when you feel you’ve reached the end of meditation or the necessary amount of time has passed. Do some light stretches to ease yourself gradually from your meditative state. Reflect on your practice for a moment.

How does Heartfulness App help deal with anxiety?

Heartfulness App helps people attain their peak performance through meditation. Heartfulness App boosts cognitive and emotional health through guided, self-care meditation. All you need is a phone with internet connection.

Practising meditation with Heartfulness app is easy, effective and free.

Begin by meditating for three to five minutes a day. As you become comfortable, increase the duration to 15 minutes, then to 30 minutes and 45 minutes thereafter.

When can I see results?

You can experience calm and peace during and soon after practising meditation with Heartfulness app. Relief from anxiety is holistic and sustaining and lasts long after your practice session. Much like our body fitness regimen, you need a disciplined approach to meditation daily to make mental fitness part of your persona.

Attain Inner Peace: Experience Heartfulness

Cleaning Impressions

This 20-minute meditation session clears the cobwebs in your mind. Nighttime is best suited for this. Millions of people have benefited from this.

Guided Relaxation

Calm your mind and body with the 6-minute guided meditation. Do this at your convenience – anytime, any day.

An Ocean of Peace

This is a 12-minute guided meditation method designed to help you think rationally and make sound choices without being clouded by emotions.

Do guided meditation with a teacher.

Meditation sessions led by trained professionals are available in the Heartfulness App. Devote as little as 35 minutes or as much as you’d like for this session of deep reflection. The collective energy of this meditation will be unlike anything you’ve felt before. Schedule your sessions at least thrice each week.

Embody heartfulness

Heartfulness App helps you achieve your meditation goals effectively. The app also comes with daily guided awakening sessions to improve your practice.

The Heartfulness app helps you practise at your own pace for as long as you choose. The app also has a journal to record and organize your thoughts for restful sleep.

Download the App. Schedule a session. Feel the change.

Sathish Rajamani

Sathish Rajamani

Sathish Rajamani is an advertising professional, writer and literary translator. He has written many advertising campaigns, blog content and business features. His interests are learning Carnatic music, visiting ancient temples and practising meditation.

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