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Let It Go – Some Effective Ways to Beat Everyday Stress

by | Oct 16, 2021 | Anxiety, Kindness, Meditation, Peace, Uncategorized, well-being

For most parts, stress is a by-product of leading fast-paced lives. The problem arises when it starts taking a toll on your physical and mental well-being. 

This is where slowing down and taking a breather helps. With alterations in your thought processes, how do you take charge to change your overall lifestyle? 

Here are some of the quick and effective stress-relief techniques that have been tried and tested by people across the globe. 

  1. Guided imagery – You don’t have to be a dreamer to get started with guided imagery. It is all about picturing yourself in a happy place – maybe on a beach or by a mountain – feeling the warmth of the sun. 
  2. Meditate – There are short, simple meditation practices that can help you achieve quick stress relief and offer you long-term benefits. Each meditation technique is unique, bringing forth its pros to the table. 
  3. Take a walk – The good old advice of taking a walk in the park when things go wrong always seems to work. A quick form of exercise, it is a great stress reliever and brings much-needed freshness due to the change in scenery.
  4. Hugging a loved one – Physical touch like holding hands or hugging a loved one releases oxytocin, which is related to happiness and lowering stress levels. It is a great yet simple way of stress relief. And well, it costs nothing! 
  5. Aromatherapy – A lot has been said and written about aromatherapy and how it alleviates stress levels. There are specific scents that do have a positive effect on your body by decreasing the stress levels manifold. Take your pick from diffusers, candles, shower products, or some potpourri to include your daily dose of aromatherapy. 
  6. Get creative – Nothing beats creative work when you want a quick detour from the usual hustle-bustle of life. Make sure that you take out some time to connect with your inner artist by partaking in various creative activities. You can get started by investing in some adult coloring books or trying your hands at mandala art. 
  7. Breathe – It is known that slow, deep breaths work wonders for lowering blood pressure and heart rate. So pick and choose the technique that works the best for you and keep practicing for a few minutes every day to get in the groove. Soon enough, you will find that deep breathing has become more natural for you. 
  8. Listen to music – Music heals. There are songs for every mood out there. All you need to do is take your pick and listen to your favorite piece of music. Classical music, for instance, can prove to be immensely relaxing right before you hit the sack. 
  9. Go for a walk – Have difficulty in concentrating? A quick walk around the vicinity is a great way to bring the focus back. This simple physical activity will help you collect your thoughts and give you more benefits than you anticipated. 
  10.  Soak in the sunlight – A steady dose of the sun is an immediate mood booster. It is known for being an effective treatment for people with chronic depression. You might want to shift your work from home set up at a spot that enjoys a great deal of sunlight for most parts of the day. 
  11. Go green – Connecting with nature has tremendous stress-relief perks. Take a break from your routine and head out to the great outdoors on a hike or a trek. Alternatively, you can try gardening as a hobby. Or keep yourself surrounded by a few plants. 
  12. Clean the clutter – Believe it or not, but clutter can also contribute to your stress. So take some time and rearrange your furniture, desk, keeping only what is necessary and getting rid of everything else. 
  13. Journal – Pouring your emotions on a paper is a long-lost way to self-reflect. Instead, give journaling a try and see how it can calm you down.

Loved what you read? Watch this space to learn more on how you can use free meditation apps like Heartfulness App and work your way out of stress. Most importantly, don’t forget to be kind to yourself and all those around you. 

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