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Recognizing the Transformative Effects of Meditation

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Uncategorized

Homo sapiens means ‘wise man.’ Even the word ‘man’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘manas‘ meaning mind. As a species, we identify with our minds much more than with our physical bodies.

That said, how do you nurture your mind? How do you find moments of peace within and get relief from all the chaos around you?

There have been many stories of how people embraced the practice of daily mediation, hit the pause button, and became more aware. 

For the uninitiated, 

Here are four straightforward practices that, if done daily with interest and enthusiasm, will help balance and enrich your mental well-being. 


Learn a simple relaxation technique that you can do anywhere, anytime. 

The Heartfulness Relaxation takes just a few minutes and is especially helpful when you need to sleep, deal with moments of panic, stress, or fear, or generally help you feel more content. In addition, you can check the Heartfulness App free meditation app and experience calm and stillness.

You can also use nadi breathing to calm yourself down whenever you feel panicked or stressed. Hold your right nostril with your thumb and take ten deep breaths in and out through your left nostril: it actives the parasympathetic nervous system, which instantly calms you down.


Meditation regulates the mind. The mind learns to focus on one thing gently and naturally. In heart-based meditation, we go deeper into the heart – where we discover our world of feelings, inspiration, creativity, and love – and come out refreshed, with a deep sense of well-being.


Your mind and heart need to be cleaned just like your body. By keeping them clean, you will find inner stillness, lightness, clarity, and calm. Your mind will regain its natural flexibility and let go of its heavy burden.


To feel whole and contented, we need to nurture our three bodies – the physical, mental and spiritual. We can nurture the mental and spiritual bodies by connecting with our higher Self within the heart. This connection is done through the time-honored practice of prayer. Prayer creates that inner condition in the heart that can be filled with love. Prayer takes us into the infinite world of the heart, which is filled with so much joy and beauty.

Heartfulness can bring us to first base – to a state of mental balance and peace. From there, we can take it way further, to experience the inner states of joy and inspiration. 

The Bottomline

Just a few minutes of mediation practice can prove tremendously beneficial for you both physically and mentally. Now that you understand them start practicing Heartfulness online meditation with Live sessions, beginner’s guided meditation and more. Experience all these features and more on our free meditation app

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